Thursday, October 16, 2008

Your Forever Love

"I just want to be wild and free."

(I hear his voice whisper to me)

"Free from doubt, free from pain.
Laughing, dancing in a fun-filled spree.
Soaring in the sky, my spirit is free"

(I cry. My life is steeped in mediocrity.
But, once the sun smiled it’s light upon us,
Our young lives filled with much promise-
Make love, not war, our constant refrain,
pass the joint, join the free love train-
1968 was the best of times,
let’s jump in the Super Sport,
with it’s 427, and four on the floor
we’ll peal rubber like we’re burnin’ air
let the wild wind blow through our hair...)

"Sounds like we’re living in ’68!
I’m full of life, this world is great!"

(My daydreams become deranged,
he got drafted, everything changed)

"Watching fireworks go off with a bang.
Not very far from Vientiane…
hope they're not aiming at me!!!
‘Hostile, Ground casualty’
I captured the moonlight
stopped the ticking of time.
Discovered in the remains,
realized my number ceased.
Don’t put me in a box.

(I lie here searching for answers
in the quiet calmness after the violence,
War for no reason doesn’t make any sense
questions ignored, still not believing their lies)

"Some things you just CAN’T compromise."

(With an empty past filled with your ghost,
to live life alone in my dreams I chose)

"As a dreamer, life will pass, wrapped in veils of regrets.
You haven’t lived if you’ve never felt pain.
I’ll always be here. I will, your forever love, remain.
God Bless"


Mattie said...

The 60's represent many things to me...coming of age, starting out on my own, and the devastating events of the Viet Nam war. Many of my friends lost members of their family there. Your poem brings so much back to me. Exceptional...

The Buddhist Conservative said...

Each time I read the poem, (I’m slow but it takes me a long time), I was able to take in the feelings with which it was written a little deeper. It is quite moving!

Remain the dreamer!