Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness


A woman stood on the shore looking out to sea,
A contented smile on her face with a look of glee.

Others struggled with emotional fear after failing the test.
She knew that fear when she found the lump within her breast

Comfort to them all she would give.
Encouragement for each one to live.

Her tests were negative, her own battle was won.
She now celebrated with joy each day’s rising sun.

© 2006 kgcummings

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


ann marie mazz said...

bless your heart kathy for posting this entry and for spreading awareness - this entry and issue is close to home for me and my family - I have a sister who is a survivor of this going on eight years now - she has her moments of ups and downs with holding her own healthwise but is stable at the moment - I was lucky and the doctor was able to remove a non cancerous lump - but I conttinue to be watched as does my youger sister - no one is exempt - thank you for sharing and posting kathy for all to be reminded

an ordinary Saffa girl. said...

Poignant - thank you for this, brings a tear to my eye x

Mattie said...

As a cancer survivor, I really connected with your words, Kathy. My aunt had breast cancer back in the 70's. She never had a recurrence. Indeed, she was thankful for every day God gave her. Breast cancer touches so many lives...so many we never hear about. The being 'aware' of this disease will, hopefully, bring about a cure for all those who face this diagnosis. Thank you for sharing this with everyone....Mattie