Thursday, October 23, 2008

Night Walk

Night Walk
foot steps picking up the pace
approaching closer my heart raced
past the school yard toward the gate
help me Lord make my escape
breathing breathing down my neck
much closer now, I'm a nervous wreck
wild wind through tree branches howling
running running furrowed brow scowling
screech owl hooting over the breeze
foot steps swishing on dried leaves
no night watch man is on guard
shadows lurk in the grave yard
icy fingers grab my shoulder
no doubt, I'll not grow older
releasing now my final scream
am I dead? Or, was it a dream?
© 2008 kgcummings


msday said...

I love the imagery used in this poem. I could actually feel the anxiety behind the descriptions. I almost placed me in a state of being on long island walking home from the store as a child in the fall. Awesome write.

gerriward said...

What a beautiful poem, your usage of words is sooo vividly expressive. I always feel as though I'm right there! I luv this poem.

MomAtHome said...

great poem and good writting skills