Monday, December 29, 2008

Review of my First Novel
Genre: Historical Fiction
Title: The Wind Whispers War: A Vietnam Love Story
Author: kgcummings (as it appears on book cover)

The Wind Whispers War: A Vietnam Love Story, the first in K.G. Cumming’s new five-book series, lends a personal element to the history of the Vietnam War era. Beginning in the early 1960s, The Wind Whispers War follows Jeff "Mad Dog" Madison, a playboy and career airman in Florida, as he first meets Beth Campbell, a sweet, na├»ve country girl just stepping out from the traditional values of her hometown. Their whirlwind relationship and subsequent life together makes this a highly romantic, individualized work of historical fiction.
The Wind Whispers War is almost too good to be true, and makes an excellent beginning to a series about the era. Author K. G. Cummings is clearly a master of romance, and the picture that she paints of Jeff and Beth will sweep readers off their feet along with them. Likewise, the author’s characters are so true to life that their emotions are almost tangible to readers, who may feel as though they’re experiencing the first pangs of true love along with them. Even the book’s steamy romance scenes are infused with a romantic depth, which make them all the more enjoyable.
Clearly, K. G. Cummings is knowledgeable about the period she is dealing with, but what stands out most is her ability to interweave historical fact with her plot and characters. The result is a seamless story that gives readers a true feel for what the period was like to live through, from the perspective of real people. This is an especially valuable work because it is about the Vietnam War, a topic that is often neglected by historians and fiction writers alike. While it is not a historically detailed account of the military and political aspects of the conflict’s beginning, it is equally valuable as a look at the conflict through the eyes of a single family affected by the war.
As the first in this series, The Wind Whispers War covers only the very beginning of the conflict and deals with the idyllic domestic relationship between Jeff and Beth during this period, so it is not an action-packed war story of the conflict. However, it is a wonderful beginning to a series about Vietnam, perfectly setting up the idealism and innocence of the beginning of the war as a backdrop for the next books, which deal with the tumultuous times ahead. Readers will want to buy the second and third books immediately to learn what becomes of the wonderful characters they discover in The Wind Whispers War. Highly Recommended by reviewer: Rebecca Henderson, Allbook Reviews
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Title: The Wind Whispers War: A Vietnam Love Story
Author: K.G. Cummings
ISBN-13: 978-1425960261
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Pages: 248
Price: $ 14.49
Jan. 2009


Mattie said...

Kathy, this is a wonderful review! Indeed, it is a testament to your great talent as a writer. A remarkable achievement for you! The reviewer is right, too. There doesn't seem to be many books written about the Viet Nam years. It makes you wonder why...that era was a big part of our history. I'm so pleased for you, my dear friend. I wish you much success!(smile)....Mattie

suzi said...

Congratulations Kathy!! I so happy for you, you've worked so hard to accomplish this book... Much success to you... A the Happiest and Most prosperous New year to you and yours... suzi

The Buddhist Conservative said...


As Mattie said, there are not many books written about the Viet Nam War other than those trying somehow to glorify the violent nature of war itself for entertainment.
While every war is tragic, for a time, this war created a new awareness as people started questioning and expressing their feelings against the will of “The Man”. I fear we have lost much of the original inspiration as so many seemingly good causes are often hijacked for political and financial gain.

Best of luck and my sincerest hopes for your continued success. I look forward to adding the book to my reading list.


congratulations on the book and review.
Hope to catch it sometime.

ChowJobs said...

Congratulations on your book. I may purchase on my next pay check. I'm a short story writer. I know how hard is it to finish a short story. I could barely imagine what it would take to write a novel.

Mad Madame M said...

Viet Nam. . . a sad time in our history. So many service men returned to be scorned and ridiculed, their service seemingly worth nothing to Americia. God Bless our soldiers. All of them.

AMUSED said...

as a veteran vietnam 67-68 TET my brothers and sisters thank you -